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Introducing!..."Lives of the Cat," the new Anne Manx
Print Series

Can't wait for the next Anne Manx audio drama?  Now, you can enjoy more Anne Manx adventures while you wait, with these new "byte sized" short stories. now available as ebooks or a book for those who prefer to own an actual book.  Written by Larry Weiner, the writer and creator of all the Anne Manx audio movies, the new Lives of the Cat stories are only available for those who love to read their adventures.

Meet Anne Manx

Tough as nails, with an fierce independent streak, Anne Manx takes no BS from anyone -- man, woman, alien, android or clone!


 A former cop with the Intergalactic Police Force (IPF), Manx now works as a super sleuth.  And, she discovered she's got nine  lives!...which comes in handy when you get shot at a lot.

Portrayed on the award winning audio series since 1998 is Claudia Christian (on the right), Anne Manx is now bringing her same kick-ass attitude to her new print adventure series, "Lives of the Cat," which you can enjoy in one sitting.

Anne Manx Audio Shows Available Now!



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Six New Tales are available for eBook!

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Anne Manx Missing Ring Cover.jpg
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Anne Manx Librarian Cover.jpg
Anne Manx Man From Steel Cover.jpg
Anne Manx Monster Cover.jpg

Get 6 Novellas All-In-One with the Anne Manx Anthology!

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About RRCA

Formed in 1995, Radio Repertory Company of America is an audio production company committed to the creation of original works made directly for audio.

RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.  

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