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Enjoy six original Anne Manx stories -- "Anne Manx and the Lady in the Mauve Dress," "Anne Manx and the Gift of Gab," "Anne Manx and the Librarian," "Anne Manx and the Missing Ring," "Anne Manx and the Man from Steel," and "Anne Manx and the Monster." Experience Anne as she conquers her latest challenges, which put her in situations where she is forced to question her lifestyle and morality.

Anne Manx and the Gift of Gab

Anne takes an important case to save a prime minister’s daughter and prevent a powerful bomb from killing hundreds of thousands. Realizing she must be in the best shape of her life Anne is constantly followed by a starving homeless young woman who has a unique athletic talent. Does this talent help or hurt Anne as she undertakes her mission? 

Anne Manx and the Missing Ring

Has a mythological and priceless ring finally been found by a famous but eccentric woman, or
has she made up the entire story to save her reputation? Anne thinks it’s the latter, but when a
dead body turns up and attempts are made on her life, Anne becomes convinced that
something’s afoot, but she’s not exactly sure what it is.

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Anne Manx and the Librarian

A ghost is said to haunt the old Marsden Library, but no one has actually ever seen it, that is
until the new librarian replaces Anne’s client. Now the ghost appears and scares the living
daylights out of the growing numbers of tourists now coming into Marsden to see it. Anne
needs to find out why the ghost is now showing himself. So, how does a simple haunted library
become involved in alien invasion?

Anne Manx and the Woman in the Mauve Dress

A man accused of murdering one of his workers claims his clone did it and hires Anne to find the
real killer. In a case of dizzying mistaken identities, the trail eventually leads Anne to a
mysterious woman in a mauve dress. Anne finds herself powerfully attracted to her, and she
begins to question her own identity.

Anne Manx and the Man From Steel

It all began innocently enough. Anne is called by the IPF because her name and address have appeared on a piece of paper in a secret flap in a murdered victim's belt. What looks like a simple murder for hire turns into a story with intergalactic ramifications and Anne is not sure who is telling the truth. The Intergalactic Police Force is telling her one story, while the visitors from the planet Butterfield Nine seem to have an entirely different narrative. Not knowing who to believe, Anne is forced to turn to her underground economy friends to help her solve a mystery that could have catastrophic consequences.

Anne Manx and the Monster

Anne Manx is hired by Theodosia Daily, a princess on the planet Adima 12. Theo tells Anne she believes her husband is really a monster who can masquerade as a human and really good looking prince at the same time. It seems her husband Michael Monstrom can turn into a monster and enjoy a tasty human treat. Theo wants Anne to stop him even if it means she'll have to kill him. Anne goes undercover as Theo's personal assistant on Adima 12 to stop Michael. Yes, Anne does discover Michael's real story, but she's also in for not one extra shock but a second one also, and it makes her question her future desire to ever eat meat again!

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